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Over 100,000 EZ Pads Sold!
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Save Time & Money! - EZ To Install, All Weather, No Permits, Lifetime Guarantee - America's #1 Brand Award Winning Hot Tub Installation Pad

America's #1 Award Winning Hot Tub Installation Pad in Three Convenient Sizes!

our most popular 8 foot by 8 foot model for most hot tubs and spas
Our 8 foot by twelve foot model for latger hot tubs and spas
Our 8 foot by sixteen foot model is perfect for swim spas.

America's #1 Hot Tub Pad Gets Rave Reviews!

See photos and testimonials from real customers that trust EZ Pads.

Over 100,000 Satisfied Customers!

Why Use EZ Pads?

The EZ Pad hot tub/spa pad provides a solid level foundation base that evenly distributes the weight of the hot tub, required for warranty compliance and for optimal performance of the jets and filtration system. 

Whether your dealer calls it a spa pad, hot tub pad, foundation pad, or base pad he's describing the EZ Pad.

EZ Pads are perfect for hot tub installations, portable spa installations, and as an inexpensive platform deck for swim spas.

All that is necessary to install the EZ Pad is a level well-drained area.  No concrete is required!

The material under the spa pad can be grass, dirt, sand, gravel, crushed rock or granite.  Just about anything conveniently available that helps achieve a stable level bed for the pad. 

And, because the EZ Pad is portable and movable it does not require a permit for placement.

The Answer to Spa Installations Delimmas

The Hot Tub Pad Dilemma...

Installing a new hot tub or spa on concrete can be stressful, time consuming and costly when you are coordinating contractor bids, permit applications, site access details and inspections. And weather delays can complicate the entire process even more.

The EASY Solution!

EZ Pads make your hot tub or spa installation an EASY and satisfying experience.  Your project can be done right, on time, and below budget with a minimum of effort and expense. Unlike the contractor route, you control the process.

What's in it for You?

Saves Time and Money - Less Hassle
No Contractors - Weather Delays
No Concrete or Decks to Build
No Permits - Inspections
Solves Hot Tub Installation Dilemmas
User Friendly - DIY - Easy Assembly
No bonding grids
Lifetime Guarantee for Peace of Mind
Ships Fast via FedEx Ground.
Personal Service and Advice - FREE
Three Convenient Sizes!
Highest quality made in USA
The Highest Quality, Best Engineered Spa Pads Available - Made in the United States!
satisfaction guaranteed
EZ Pads offer a superior product and unmatched customer support.
Best of Class - PoolAndSpa.com
An Award Winning Company
Best of Class - PoolAndSpa.com
A Proud sopnsor of the Make-a-Wish Foundation

Convenience and savings make the EZ Pad THE innovative budget-minded solution for all spa, hot tub and swim spa installations.

EZ Pads Inc.is the recognized leader in quality pre-fabricated hot tub pads and spa pads. Manufactured in compliance with ISO Quality Standards, Award Winning EZ Pads are a proven alternative to concrete or decking for portable hot tub and spa installations. EZ Pads replace concrete foundations or slabs, and serve as an economical base for most hot tubs and spas. EZ Pads are extremely durable and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Major manufacturer’s dealers using EZ Pads include: Hot Spring Spas, Jacuzzi Spas, Dimension One Spas, Caldera Spas, Sundance Spas, Marquis Spas, Master Spas, Thermo Spas, Cal Spas, Leisure Bay Spas, Maxx Spas, and many more.

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