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Assembly Surface Preparation Larger Sizes Modifying


Watch this short video before assembling your EZ Pad.
If you still have questions, please see detailed answers below.

More information is available on our FAQs page.

See EZ Pad installations. Gain ideas and perspective.

Tools Needed for Assembly:

  • #2 or #3 Phillips head screwdriver or cordless drill with #2 or #3 Phillips bit.
  • Bubble level

Click for Printable Assembly Instructions and Wiring Details

NOTE: EZ Pads are designed for use under hot tubs and spas. Use as a patio substitute is discouraged. Thermal expansion can cause unloaded corners of EZ Pads to lift slightly. This in no way indicates a problem with EZ Pads, but might be considered unsightly. If you receive your EZ Pads early, we recommend waiting until just before your hot tub delivery to assemble them.

We do not sell EZ Pads for above ground pools. There are products designed for that application.

We do not recommend painting EZ Pads as paint adhesion to HDPE plastic is very poor.

Assembly Surface Preparation Larger Sizes Modifying

1/4 to 3/4 inch crushed rock is the best choice for leveling.

Preparing the Surface

The EZ Pad modules can be placed on grass, dirt, or gravel, or any flat, level well supported surface. For best results, remove sod and prepare a level base. Panels can be drilled through for electrical conduit placement. You may use any size crushed rock up to 3/4 inch or pea gravel for leveling.

Tools Needed for Surface Preparation:

  • Shovel
  • Level
  • 8' 2 x 4 for leveling
    (Choose a straight one by looking along the length from one end).

It is not necessary to build a box frame for your EZ Pad.

If you choose to use a frame, EZ Pads should not be put on top of or overlap a frame with fill because settling of fill can cause uneven support. If you choose to use a frame to contain fill, ensure that the EZ Pad fits inside the frame.

For very cold climates see our FAQs page.

Refer to these diagrams to choose the best method of surface preparation:

Check the surface:
Use a straight 8 foot 2" x 4" and a bubble level to check that your installation location is flat and level. Be sure to check both directions, 90 degrees from each other. 8' 2x4s can be had from your local home store for about $7. You can check to see if it is straight by looking down the length of the board from the end. A small bubble level can also be purchased from a home store for about $5.
If the surface is flat:
If it is flat and level, you can put your EZ Pad right on top of grass, dirt, or other landscape material.
If there are slight depressions:
If there are small depressions in the surface, use some 3/8" crushed rock to fill in the depressions.
Assembly Surface Preparation Larger Sizes Modifying

Larger Sizes
EZ Pad sizes larger than 8x12 can be unwieldy to move or turn over. To easily assemble larger EZ Pads, assemble groups of panels no larger than  6 panels or 8' x 12'. Screw in additional connectors on the side that you wish to connect to the additional area.

Once the sets of panels are assembled, turn over and place the group without connectors on top of the attached connectors and press down to snap together. It is a good idea to have three people when turning over the assemblies.

This method is good for all larger assemblies.

Swim Spas
For swim spas, we recommend 4 inches of 1/4 to 1/2 inch crushed rock with fines tamped down with a rented compactor to ensure reliable support for the higher loads.

NOTE: To calculate the load per area of a swim spa, take the total weight and divide by the length times width.

For example: A typical swim spa weighs about 2900 lbs. If you add the weight of 2000 gallons of water, (2000 x 8.34) you get a total of 19,580, divided by the area of the base, or 128 square feet, you get about 153 lbs. per square foot.

Assembly Surface Preparation Larger Sizes Modifying

Modifying/Cutting EZ Pads

We do not recommend cutting EZ Pads, but on occasion it is necessary. You can cut a relief to fit around an obstacle like a deck support with a hack saw or reciprocating saw, or if required, you can cut one dimension (edge) of an EZ Pad assembly.

To cut an edge, we recommend using a small hand-held circular saw with a fine blade. Set the depth of the blade to just over 2". To mark your cut, you can use a snap (chalk) line or straight edge. Do not cut more than 10" from the edge. Cutting beyond 10 " means losing a connection point resulting in less stability. Polyurethane foam can be used to seal the cut edge if desired. EZ Pads can also be notched to fit under decks. Remember not to cut beyond 10" from the edge.





EZ Pads are hollow, blow-molded polyethylene. If you cut them, they will have an exposed hollow edge. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we do not recommend cutting them, except for electrical conduit access, or notching to fit around obstacles. EZ Pads are not suitable for attaching gazebos. Gazebos need to be attached to hot tubs or built on separate footings.

Wiring your hot tub is easy with EZ Pads. Click here for a conduit installation video.


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