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Who Needs Concrete?

The EZ-Pads arrived on Friday morning at 11:30, as expected.  My lady wife and I laid down a leveled* 6'x8' frame of pressure-treated 4x4s with Simpson Strong-Tie 90° Angles as the corner connectors - then filled it with sand and screed it level.*
Of the four 4’ EZ-Pad panels, we utilized two for the "front" or "grass-side" and I ripped (circular saw) the third panel in half and placed them on the "house-side". I utilized Dow Chemical's "Great Stuff" Expanding Foam to seal the open edges of the ripped EZ-Pad. I notched the front panel (jig saw) to accommodate the downspout, and she and I assembled, flipped, and put the 6’x8’ EZ-Pad unit in place.
We then placed the spa (Marquis Rendezvous) in place and hooked up the electrical circuitry, filled it with water, and were sitting in 102° water by sundown - with a large Guinness at my side, and a decent Merlot at hers:


Life is Good!
We probably will sell our house in about 5 years - at that time we can move our spa - AND the EZ-Pads - to our new house!  The new owner won't have to contend with a monolithic concrete pad. (Just a sandbox!)
*Note:  About my use of the word: "level': We're 16 miles due west of Seattle, an area not unknown for rain - so "level" here really means, well, a one inch drop over a six foot span, away from the house's foundation. The EZ-Pads are easy to work with, and provide a quick and inexpensive alternative to a concrete pad.  How quick?  Three hours [cutting and building the 4x4 frame, leveling it and filling it with sand, ripping the EZ-Pad, "inserting" the expanding foam (setup in 8 minutes), integrating and placing the EZ-Pads]. 

How inexpensive? 

4Pressure-treated 8’ 4x4 @$7.97/ea =$ 31.88
10Bags, 60# General-Purpose Sand @ $3.10/ea$ 31.00
4Simpson Strong-Tie 90° Angle @ $2.28 =$  9.12
1EZ-PAD "Special" 8x8 $319+$79 (freight)=$398.00
Compared to the $1,000.00 quote from a cement contractor for a 6x8 pad, …and we'll get to it in two to three weeks, or so. (Sigh!)  BTW, compared to a concrete pad, I believe the insulating quality of EZ-Pads will serve to lessen my spa's electrical consumption. And bill.

* * *

So, Nancy, count me a happy - no, an ecstatic - customer.  And one who will be back, as I plan to use EZ-Pads elsewhere, such as a base for my garden shed! (Well, HER garden shed - that I get to build!)

Who needs concrete?


WM, Poulsbo, WA

NOTE: For best results, EZ Pads should be installed inside any framework rather than on top of a framework.

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